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With the help of gourmet and specialty food marketing guru, Ryan Montague, your food product concept, startup, or emerging food company can: 

  • Launch - Business & marketing planning, brand development..from concept to profit!
  • Get Online - Design and develop a website, shopping cart, and blog - then drive traffic to them!
  • Market - Sales materials, advertising programs, and develop a broker network.
  • Sell - Get your products on to store shelves and/or sell direct to consumers.
  • Grow - Learn what it takes to gain market share in the specialty food industry.
What our clients say...

"...he will advise and guide you in the right direction in terms of accomplishing your goals - and Ryan did exactly that in our case...we have no doubt that the path we are taking is, in fact, the correct one - thanks to Ryan." - startup food producer in New York

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Ryan Montague is a small business marketing guru that focuses primarily on building specialty food businesses. What makes Ryan different? The services and insights offered by Ryan are specifically for gourmet, specialty, organic, and natural food companies. As an independent consultant that can act as your outsourced CEO/CMO and marketing department, Ryan's work is efficient, direct, and has a proven track record of success. Simply put, Ryan knows what it takes to succeed as a small or startup food company in a competitive industry.