Email Marketing for Food Companies PDF Print E-mail
Some sources recommend that a business should allocate over half of their marketing budget for current customers. With the increasingly large number of Americans with access to high-speed internet, email marketing makes the ideal retention marketing tool. It is relatively cheap and provides a non-intrusive method for reaching out to your customers with a targeted message.

Do you have a list of customers or sales leads but little knowledge of executing a successful, corporate mass-email marketing campaign? Let us help! We have a staff of gourmet food marketing experts that can help compile your database and create a professional, targeted message to deliver to your customers or leads. It doesn't stop there; after we help you deliver your message, we provide the follow-up and analytical tools to understand the successes and possible areas for improvement for your next campaign. Metrics such as open rate, click-thru rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate can be provided for you in easy-to-understand reports. Simply put, we will know who is reading, what they are looking at, and how to reach out to them next time. Contact us today and learn how our gourmet food marketing experts can help.