Have an idea for a new food product you'd like to turn into a business? In the process of getting your new products to market? Let industry marketing guru, Ryan Montague, help you do what it takes to build a solid business foundation and turn your concept into profits quickly and cost-effectively.


If you've just started, or are about to start your new food business, Ryan can help you:


  • Decide on production route and locate a suitable co-packer, commercial kitchen, or otherwise
  • Attain product analysis, government compliance, nutritional/ingredient fact labels, UPC codes
  • Write a business and marketing plan
  • Design your logo/brand and packaging
  • Design and develop your website
  • Develop sales materials, brochures, etc.

    Once your product is produced, he can help you:

  • Develop & implement a rollout marketing and PR strategy
  • Locate and develop a sales and broker network
  • Sell, sell, sell!!!

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