Web 2.0, Blogging, Social Networking for Gourmet Food Companies PDF Print E-mail

Looking to give your business that extra edge with new-age media and technology applications? Web 2.0 giants like YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Digg, and (now-mainstream) applications like blogging, online communities, and RSS are changing the face of the marketing world. The gourmet food industry has been slow to adopt to such technologies, and award-winning specialty food entrepreneur, Ryan Montague, is at the forefront of educating gourmet food companies on practical uses for these applications:


  • Creating and managing a Blog - and understanding how to do it properly. Blogging helps to increase keyword-rich web content, links, and to create a more intimate relationship with your customers.
  • Social Networking on sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter can be a very cost-effective viral marketing tool. 
  • Web Video Streaming - embed product videos, video recipes, and corporate presentations on your site and distribute on gourmet-specific websites.
  • Discussion Forums - give your customers and/or foodies a place to discuss your products, or type of products. For example, a purveyor of Greek specialty foods might create a discussion forum that allows anyone on the web to talk about Greek food, and products, and culture. As a result, this creates tremendous relevant content and depth on your website - as well as a great source of new sales leads.
  • RSS - keep customers/prospects up to date with news and updates.
  • Live Chat - talk with your customers via web IM (instant messaging) to answer questions in real-time. Has been proven to increase conversion rates! 
  • Virtual PBX - give your company an online-based PBX system for incoming calls.
  • Interested in utilizing any of these technologies for your gourmet/specialty food business? Let Ryan know!